Quatrefolic® can make a difference, bypassing folate metabolism disturbances, improving fertility, and increasing success rates in infertility treatment.

Folate and homocysteine status

Level of folate and homocysteine status are critical factors in the early stages of human reproduction. Women and men experiencing fertility issues can present low folate availability, often linked to the presence of MTHFR enzyme polymorphism. Preconceptional folate supplementation has been linked to beneficial reproductive outcomes in both natural pregnancies and those after assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment.

High levels of homocysteine and low folate can make it more difficult to get pregnant for women and increase the risk of early miscarriage. Investigation of the role of homocysteine metabolism in patients with unexplained female sterility or secondary sterility due to recurrent pregnancy loss shows a positive association.

Why men need folate too?

In men, folate deficiency results in homocysteine overproduction with subsequent excessive oxidative stress, chaotic methylation reactions, protein synthesis, and spermatogenesis deficiency. Homocysteine is an inhibitor of the methylation process and a powerful pro-oxidant. It has a negative effect on spermatogenesis and its concentration in the ejaculate is inversely correlated with fertility outcome. Also, the polymorphisms of the MTHFR enzyme have been related to higher plasma homocysteine levels. The study has found that the polymorphisms would result in fetal non-viability rates of 4–7%, thus playing a significant role in human fertility.

The choice of right folate, such as Quatrefolic®, is recommended for the right level of folate in a healthy pregnancy. Quatrefolic® provides the right folate dosage, it does not require metabolism of MTHFR enzyme, it is ready to enter human metabolism and, if necessary, normalizes homocysteine plasma levels. A physiological dose of Quatrefolic® (800 μg) is suggested to be an effective treatment for a couple’s fertility problems.

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