Infants and Children

Due to high energy and nutrient requirements, children and adolescents are a vulnerable group for healthy growth and development.

Folate is a critical nutrient when human cells growth is very active and folate deficiency can slow the overall growth rate. Infants, children, and adolescents represent a critical phase of growth and the proper level of folate is recommended to prevent a variety of medical conditions such as anemia.

Recommended dietary intake of folate for males and females during the age of growth has been defined.

Recommended Dietary Allowances for Folate for Children and Adults
Age (years) Males and Females (mcg/day)
1-3 150
4-8 200
9-13 300
14-18 400

Quatrefolic® sustains healthy cell, tissue growth, digestive, and immune systems. It can improve energy production and the formation of red blood cells while promoting normal brain development and function. Moreover, the 5-MTHF can boost learning ability and memory. Quatrefolic® use levels will be the same as that of folate.

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