Enthusiastic feed-back of nutraceutical industry at VENDORBRIEF speech on Mythocondro®

DESIO, Italy - October, 21st 2016

In the last weeks, a great curiosity and an expectable enthusiasm have been felt about the speech organized by Gnosis in the Education Session of the VENDORBRIEF Presentation at Supply Side West, on the new non-animal chondroitin sulfate branded Mythocondro®.

Therefore it is not surprising that the speech has seen strong participation and high profile audience of international top management and opinion leaders of global nutraceutical industry.

The scientific steps forward of the innovative Non-Animal Chondroitin Sulfate produced by Gnosis through a patented fermentation-based manufacturing process, have been described by Prof. Nicola Volpi, one of the global leading expert in chondroitin.

Prof. Volpi offered insights into the current industrial production of Chondroitin sulfate (CS), derived from different animal sources and into the potential consumer safety and quality problems associated with the use of these raw materials, pointing out why Mythocondro® resolves the long-standing acknowledged problem of poor quality and potential safety issues of animal-derived CS.

The attendees of the speech had the unique opportunity to receive a gift from Prof. Volpi, a nice book on Chondroitin Sulfate world with an extensive overview of the aetiopathogenesis of OA, of the current database of CS in the treatment of OA, with the relevant description and clinical evidence of Mythocondro® and with significant effectiveness in joint disease.


Nicola Volpi is Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy and he is one of the worldwide expert in the field of chondroitin sulfate.

Author of many publications, invited as speaker to several national and international congresses, Prof. Volpi is also Editor of three published international books with great impact on the international scientific community. He is an authority on the application of the analytical methodologies essential for the understanding of the structure, properties and quality of chondroitin sulfate and derivatives and collaborates both with Italian and International research groups as well as with Companies to develop (macro)molecules with improved biological and potential pharmacological properties.

Prof. Volpi has been member of the USP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia) Commission in 2000 for "Analytical determination of Chondroitin sulfate sodium".

The book will be available upon request, at marketing@gnosis-bio.com

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