Quatrefolic® in partnership with Xymogen is short-listed for NutraIngredients Awards 2016!

DESIO, Italy - April, 7th 2016

The partnership between Gnosis and the US nutraceutical producer Xymogen is proving successful!

Xymogen's XaQuilXR, finished product that contains Gnosis' Quatrefolic®, has been selected as a finalist of NutraIngredients Awards 2016 for the Finished Product of the Year - Medical Food category.

The NutraIngredients Awards is aimed to celebrate stellar achievement in the fields of ingredients and finished product innovation. Being the finalists underlines the recognition of the ambitious target that Xymogen and Gnosis with XaQuilXR and Quatrefolic® have reached to provide to all depressed patients the suboptimal L-methylfolate levels.

XaQuilXR is an innovative, orally administered, extended release medical food, that offers the metabolically active form of folate, the (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF), in a new and performing time-dependent formulation and guarantees the safe and effective level of active folate, as today does may not happen with the common folic acid supplementation.

Folate deficiency is common among depressed people, especially those who don't respond to antidepressants: major depressive disorder (MDD) currently ranks as the fourth leading disease burden worldwide and is expected to become the second global disease burden in 2020 (Hyman 2006). XaQuilXR fulfills the emergent scientific demand that have compelled psychiatrists to consider augmenting traditional antidepressants with the medical food L-methylfolate.

This year, more than 120 high-quality entries have been received by the judging panel and 33 stand-out products and ingredients have made the final cut.

Winners of the NutraIngredients Awards will be announced on Wednesday 11th May during the annual gala dinner ceremony in Geneva, alongside Vitafoods Exhibition, where attendees, sponsors and industry professionals can network and celebrate new and significant developments with those that have successfully demonstrated their outstanding contributions to the industry.

We are all cheering for XaQuilXR & Quatrefolic®!

About XaQuilXR

XaQuilXR is an innovative medical food formulated with Quatrefolic® where the release of the active ingredients is tightly controlled for an optimization of the blood levels of 5-MTHF and can be used as an adjunctive treatment for depression.
XaQuilXR may constitute an effective, safe, and well tolerated medical food strategy for patients with major depressive disorder who have a partial response or no response to SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)

In XaQuilXR Quatrefolic® provides folate in the already biologically active form of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, without any kind of metabolization. 5-MTHF can reach the systemic circulation and cross the blood-brain barrier, and enter straight the brain cell, for direct utilization in the folate cycle.

Pharmacokynetic Study

Gnosis and Xymogen have been working together to develop an unique extended release formulation in tablets with specific release profile of the active ingredient useful to increase the folate levels. The XaQuilXR formulation allows a time dependent release of the 5-MTHF in the gastroenteric system, followed by a time-dependent release of the active in the plasma. Extended-release of 5-MTHF may be crucial in partial response or no response subjects to SSRIs because normalizes the blood folate level and maximizes efficacy of XaQuilXR.

XaQuilXR. extended-release coating technology is property of Gnosis S.p.A (International Application PCT/IB2014/065852).

About Xymogen

XYMOGEN, a family-owned, health sciences company headquartered in Orlando, Fla., has been providing high-quality dietary supplements to licensed healthcare practitioners for more than a quarter century. The nutraceutical company has introduced numerous innovations to the functional medicine community; its Medical Board of Advisors consists of clinical practitioners who represent a broad range of specialties.

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