“Scientific Pills”: Gnosis new educational plan has begun!

DESIO, Italy - March, 29th 2017

With its scientific pills, Gnosis wants to create a practical and innovative toolkit for developing, implementing and increasing the knowledge of its products and the nutraceutical world in general.

How does Non-Animal Chondroitin Sulfate work in the joint structure? What is the role of folate in the human body? With easy-to-understand YouTube videos, focused on specific fields of application where customers can delve into, we want to create a new path of learning and becoming well-informed about health and wellness.

The “Scientific Pills” are the easiest and most useable way to learn enough about a specific scientific topic. Thanks to images, colors, easy words and sentences, we wish everyone to understand our concept and our dedication to improve their knowledge and awareness about wellbeing.

Our new challenge has started, yet another proof of Gnosis’ social engagement: our customers and consumers are the starting point of all our moves, and taking care of their experience and awareness is our first aim.

Mythocondro®, the only vegetarian Chondroitin Sulfate, is the starting point of our company’s new educational project with a video about chondrocytes and joint structure.


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