Gnosis listed in the Certified Companies of Halal International Authority (HIA)

DESIO, Italy - November, 24th 2016

We are proud to inform our partners and customers that both of ours Manufacturing Operations - Gnosis Bioresearch SA (Sant’Antonino - CH) and Gnosis Bioresearch Srl (Pisticci – Italy) - have been listed in the Certified Companies of Halal International Authority (HIA), the independent organization which since 2010 has become the Halal Certification Authority recognized on an international scale.

The certificates issued by HIA guarantees the respect of HIA Halal Quality System (HQS), in line with Halal International standards and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Countries, and with the full respect of Shariah precepts.

The entire supply chain of production and services, from raw materials to the finished product, from the preparation to the processing, from storage to logistics, from transport to distribution, from administration to sale manage and guarantee quality are in compliance with the rules of Gnosis' Quality Managemen System QMS's, ISO and HACCP quality systems.

Halal Certification is part of Gnosis' commitment to get in touch with new consumers of the worldwide nutritional industry, offering qualified ingredients that could be formulated in several finished supplements and in compliance with rigorous religious standards.

Moreover, it is equally important to note that many people in the world recognize the rigorous requirements of religious certifications (both Kosher and Halal) as a value-added assurance of high-quality ingredients and of manufacturing processes meeting strict conditions.

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