Gnosis accelerates Growth with Opening of New Office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

After 5 years of consolidated and successful activity into United States and Canada, Gnosis USA expands its offices, as a part of long-term grown of the Gnosis Group.

"The decision to expand our presence in USA with a new office was a logical step in our business growth strategy" said Mike Petteruti, Vice President, "The increasing portfolio and the expanding opportunities due to the upward interest of the nutraceutical industry for the unique product pipeline of Gnosis has prompted us to relocate and enlarge our workforce and consequently our US office".

Gnosis will remain in Doylestown Pa. located in the Delaware Valley where biotechnology companies can take advantages of an outstanding business environment.

Gnosis USA endeavors to provide the same friendly and dedicated service as expected, as well as the on going commitment to product excellence, characteristics which have earned the company the excellent reputation it enjoys today.

This new opening will strengthen our mission to constantly improve customer satisfaction and experience through innovative products backed by science and supported by dedicated employees.

Opening an office is an exciting step for every company and today the Gnosis Group is a worldwide recognized biotechnology company with its two divisions: Biopharma and Advanced Nutrition. Gnosis Advanced Nutrition redefines the nutrients contained in food to offer customers an extensive range of differentiated solutions for improving and boosting the human health condition from head to toe and compensating for a poor contemporary diet.

Biopharma is responsible for the manufacturing of several APIs in large scale through biofermentation and modification of the structure of natural metabolites obtained by synthesis and semi-synthesis.

Gnosis Advanced Nutrition

"Science behind health" feeds Gnosis' challenge to develop clinically proven bioactive compounds and nutrients involved in one carbon metabolism - the key network of cellular reactions essential to sustain human life - for whole body health condition.

Gnosis is the pioneer in the development of products involved in supporting the Methylation Cycle and one carbon metabolism network. The one carbon metabolism cycle is a biochemical pathway that manages or contributes to a wide range of crucial bodily functions, including:

  • Mood balancing,
  • Detoxification,
  • Immune function,
  • Maintaining DNA,
  • Energy production,
  • Controlling inflammation.

One-carbon metabolism is catalyzed by several enzymes in the presence of dietary micronutrients, including folate, Glutathione, S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) -The primary methyl donor for DNA methylation-, and other B vitamins. For this reason, nutrition status, particularly micronutrient intake, has been a focal point when investigating epigenetic mechanisms.

Gnosis has the following rich portfolio of performance products designed to support the One Carbon Metabolism Cycle:

  • S-Adenosylmethionine (Adomet),
  • Quatrefolic®, the reduced and active form of folic acid,
  • S-Acetyl-Glutathione,
  • VitaMK7® "the real natural Vitamin k2 as MK7".

Though a rigorous pharmaceutical approach, Gnosis carries out a seamless flow of operations, from product concept to research and development, preclinical and clinical studies, regulatory filing and Intellectual properties, manufacturing and distribution standing alongside customers' business with no need of other third party partners.

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