Gnosis is one of the best Italian companies able to create economic, technological, human, social and environmental values: all in a sustainable way.

DESIO, Italy – October, 13th 2017

After a rigorous analysis involving 504.000 companies, Gnosis – with its positive economic results and other virtuous behaviours - has been selected among the 70 Italian companies eligible to win the first edition of the Best Performance Awards 2017.

This interesting contest was conceived by the Sda Bocconi School of Management in partnership with JP Morgan Private Bank, PwC, Thomson Reuters and Gruppo 24Ore to reward all those Italian-owned industrial realities standing out for their excellence in Sustainable Development at 360°.

Last October 10th, Giosuele Bilotta, Chief Financial Officer, and Marco Berna, Business Development Director, were invited - among top executives of other selected companies - to represent Gnosis during the Gala Dinner organized for the award of 5 prizes.

The severe evaluation, based on empirical data, surveys, interviews and focus groups and carried out in nearly one year, has allowed to identify the Best Preforming Companies of 2017.
Gnosis great commitment to constantly invest on Innovation & Technology, giving great attention to Social and Environmental issues, has been recognized

This is another success for Gnosis, let’s go on!

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