Emothion®: the effective - IN BODY - form of Glutathione

DESIO, Italy - August, 1st 2017

Did you know that reduced Glutathione (GSH) is the most powerful anti-oxidizing agent in all living organisms? It’s time to learn how to increase it in your body!

Gnosis has released a "White Paper" to share the new results obtained from the latest clinical studies on our product Emothion®, with its enhanced bioavailability and powerful antioxidant effect compared with the reduced glutathione.

Actually, if you want a young, active and healthy body, then you must know that reduced glutathione plays a fundamental role to achieve it.

The body produces glutathione on its own, but levels can be depleted by poor diet, pollution, stress and aging. We are all subject at least to one of these factors!

Now do you want to know why Emothion® is the best form of glutathione? It is soon said!

Researchers inform that GSH is poorly absorbed by oral route, because of its hydrolytic degradation.

Gnosis has overcome the limited effectiveness of GSH supplementation developing Emothion®, the crystalline form of S-Acetyl Glutathione (SAG). With its more rapid dissolution rate, Emothion® is orally well absorbed and ready to be used by your body furthermore the acetyl group protects it from usual breakdown of GSH.

According to our recent studies, once internalised into the cells, EMOTHION® increases GSH level more efficiently than normal GSH.

Ready to learn the multiple benefits of glutathione and the spectacular efficacy of Emothion®? Then do not miss our new White Paper!

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