“News from Science”: homocysteine regulation for a healthier heart

November 29th, 2018

We are glad to inform you about the launch of the new edition of "News from Science", this time centered on folate and heart health. 

According to extensive research, homocysteine (Hcy) plays an important role in preventing the risk factors leading to heart disease. An excessive accumulation of this amino acid in the blood - caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, a poor diet or even genetic factors - can in fact lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD), which still represents one of the major causes of mortality in the western world.

Folate is considered an important regulator of Hcy metabolism but particularly Quatrefolic®, the glucosamine salt of 5-MTHF, is able to guarantee the right folate integration helping to normalize Hcy levels even in people with polymorphism of the gene MTHFR C677T.

If you wish to learn more about this topic and check the results of the latest studies, ask for your copy of the latest "News from Science - Folate and Heart Health".


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