Gnosis welcomes you at Vitafoods Asia 2018!

September 3rd, 2018

Come to visit Vitafoods Asia in Singapore on September 11th and 12th, Gnosis will be exhibiting with its team ready to meet you at booth #M20.

A special corner will be dedicated to vitaMK7®, the only natural, pure and stable vitamin K2 as MK7 always in the limelight and now with new stability data available.

Gnosis will also feature Mythocondro®, the first Non-Animal Chondroitin Sulfate that solves animal-derived concerns, suitable for vegetarians and free from restrictions of use related to religious and supply issues and Quatrefolic®, "the innovactive folate” that delivers a "finished" folate immediately usable by the body without any kind of metabolization.

You are invited to Gnosis booth #M20 to discover more about our innovative products and have an answer to all your questions.

In the meantime, enjoy a bit of the special corner dedicated to vitaMK7® !

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