Folate and One-Carbon Metabolism Conference: the report

November 4th, 2021


The 13th conference of One-Carbon Metabolism, B vitamins and Homocysteine and the roles of folate (Quatrefolic®) in Human Health and Life Span 

The annual conference of One carbon metabolism, B vitamins and Homocysteine, recently held in Poland, not only highlighted the latest scientific updates on the topics, it also pointed out how it is important to translate reported advances in basic science into clinical applications.
During the conference folate aspects have been challenged on:

  1. Emerging and critical role of Homocysteine in health, CVD and neurodegeneration
  2. One-carbon Metabolism, in health and Life Span
  3. New developments in emerging roles of folate, enzyme polymorphisms in Health and Disease
  4. Perspective on UMFA risk in high folate administration (folic acid)


A report to overview what’s hot about folate

Gnosis by Lesaffre has been a proud sponsor partnership of the Conference.  A summary of the novel science and areas of novel research for Quatrefolic® has been collected, to be inspired by science and follow market needs.

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