The Health Council of the Netherlands recommends folate for pregnant women

August 5th, 2021

Earlier this summer, the Health Council of the Netherlands, Gezondheidsraad, published a new report on the diet, dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals for pregnant women, reviewing also the recommendation for folate intakes.

The issue of folate supplementation is under increasing scrutiny by national health agencies. Early this summer, the Health Council of Netherlands released a new report on dietary advise and supplementation for pregnant women

The importance of Folate in Pregnancy

This report highlights the importance of folate for the healthy development of pregnancy and actively recommends folate during the entire pregnancy at 400 micrograms daily.

And on top of the folate recommendation, additional folic acid is recommended only during the first few weeks of pregnancy (-4 til +8 weeks).

Folate deficiency can cause numerous troubles during pregnancy, such as miscarriage, neural tube defects and many other congenital anomalies for the fetus.

Why Quatrefolic® is the right choice?

Like other national health authorities, the Health Council of the Netherlands has stressed the importance of a natural intake of folate in our daily diets. 

Fruits and vegetables containing folate are therefore highly appreciated. However, they do not always guarantee the necessary intake that our body needs, mainly due to our metabolism. Thanks to its bioavailability, Quatrefolic®  guarantees all the benefits of folate intake without any specific metabolism.

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