Discover the authors of "The Innovative Folate" book

June 10th, 2020

The book "The Innovative Folate - 5-MTHF in Human Health" provides an in-depth look at the recommended intake of folate, its possible health benefits, and potential health risks for consuming low levels of folate or too much levels of folic acid in people who are not able to metabolize it.

It has been written by two leading scientists with extensive experience and knowledge about folate, One Carbon metabolism and homocysteine implications on health. Let's discover who they are.

Diego Ingrosso is Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology in the Department of Precision Medicine. His main scientific interest is the one-carbon metabolism and sulfur amino acid metabolism in health and disease.

Alessandra F. Perna is Professor of Nephrology and works in the Department of Medical Translational Sciences and her principal area of interest is uremie toxicity (homocysteine, and other sulfur compounds).

Prof. Diego Ingrosso and Prof. Alessandra F. Perna both work at the University School of Medicine & Surgery “Luigi Vanvitelli” in Naples, Italy. They are also authors of wide numbers of scientific papers, published on international peer-reviewed journals. Their publications may be found on

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