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November 21st, 2019

To improve your knowledge and have a useful toolkit to promote all our products, we have set up a Newsletter system where our latest news and information may reach directly your e-mail box.

Please, find here below the current newsletters regularly issued from our platform:

  • The GnosisLetter is the monthly corporate newsletter, which briefly lists the most important information about the company and our products;
  • Special Edition Newsletters are submitted occasionally to share information with customers about latest discoveries, issue of new tools, latest trials/studies or other information about Lynside® Proteyn, Mythocondro®, Ibsium®, Quatreflora™ all the other products;
  • 4 submissions per year are planned for Quatrefolic® Online, the newsletter entirely dedicated to Quatrefolic® and folate;
  • VitaMK7® Pulse is submitted every 3 months to customers who wish to stay updated on the vitamin K2 market and VitaMK7® developments;

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