Watch the pictures of Gnosis by Lesaffre's webinar in India

September 5th, 2019

Gnosis by Lesaffre has recently participated to a webinar organized for Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd - a global pharmaceutical company based out of Mumbai, India - to illustrate the benefits of Quatrefolic®, the 5-MTHF active folate where the “finished" and biologically active form of folate can be immediately used without any kind of metabolization to support a healthy pregnancy and a correct homocysteine metabolism.

With its many features including long-lasting stability as well as high water solubility, improved bioavailability and well-established safety, Quatrefolic® can provide all-round health and represents one of the most impressive results of the ability of Gnosis by Lesaffre to merge innovation and constant evolution in nutraceutical applications.

Watch here a few pictures taken during the webinar!

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