In China, Gnosis by Lesaffre spreads its science on probiotics

June 11th, 2019

During the 1st Probiotics China International Industry Forum, which will be held in Shanghai next June 18th, Gnosis by Lesaffre will be discussing the use of probiotics for the management of Gastro-Intestinal pain and discomfort and also to support healthy balance of women’s vaginal microbiota.

The expert - Mr. Will WU - will explain all the benefits of the natural and innovative solutions offered by Gnosis by Lesaffre:

QuatrefloraTM - your natural ally; 
ibSium® - Happy Belly;
LifeinUTM L. rhamnosus GG - An alternative source of high quality L. rhamnosus GG;
Lynside® Pro SCB and Biootic® - The premier Boulardii.


Discover them all at "Probiotic China" Forum, you are all welcome to visit us!

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