Quatrefolic® 360° health: watch the active folate benefits in the new YouTube video!

May 29th, 2019

How can the many benefits of Quatrefolic® in human health be clearly and directly summarized? A new video entitled Quatrefolic® 360° health was born from this question.

The realization of a dynamic and pretty sequence of moments telling about the human life cycle, where the amusing protagonists ask what to do to ensure an optimal physical condition at all stages of life, as well as how to support health during particular physiological and altered health conditions. 

A 360 degrees vision of the role of the 5-MTHF active folate in health, where -  contrary to folic acid - the “finished" and biologically active form of folate can be immediately used without any kind of metabolization to support the reproductive stage, homocysteine metabolism and cardiovascular health, mood & brain functioning and much more.

What are you waiting for? Discover all benefits of Quatrefolic®, let yourself be conquered by the new video and learn why the active folate can guarantee a 360-degree health! 

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