"News from Science": with Quatrefolic®, Gnosis continues its educational project

DESIO, Italy – November, 7th 2017

Perfectly aware that «Knowledge is Power», Gnosis continues with the educational plan to increase information on its products and solutions and enhance people’s health, wellness and mood.

Our third issue of the technical sheet series titled “News from Science” is dedicated to Quatrefolic® and is directed to present information about the clinical relationship between folate (5-MTHF) blood levels and the range of health benefits it can provide.

Research suggests that low levels of folate contribute to deficiencies in the production of critical neurotransmitters and elevated homocysteine. These deficiencies and imbalances have been identified as possible factors and links to poor cardiovascular, mood and central nervous system health and conditions.

Quatrefolic® is the metabolically active folate that is not affected by the common impairments of folate metabolism since it does not require the complex absorption, metabolic and enzymatic steps that are required by folic acid and therefore Quatrefolic® can be more efficient and effective for mood, and cardiovascular health.

The Gnosis Quatrefolic® educational project is designed to inform the reader of the reasons why Quatrefolic® is a better choice than folic acid; better absorption/bioavailability, not effected by genetic polymorphisms and who could benefit from Quatrefolic®; the elderly, pregnant women, people needing improved mood health, people needing improved CNS health, people with genetic polymorphisms which inhibit folic acid absorption.

Quatrefolic®, the "InnovActive folate", for total body health!

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