Gnosis is a biotechnology company specialized in manufacturing and sales of fermentation raw materials and natural finished products used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, and agricultural industries.

The introduction of Quatrefolic® represents the latest success of Gnosis in the development of folate derivatives, making it the third product in this field. Gnosis is the only manufacturer of three folate products that can claim GRAS status and NDI acceptance with advanced chemical and clinical characteristics.

Over 20 researchers and scientists with PhDs in industrial microbiology, chemistry and chemical synthesis are responsible for creating and protecting Gnosis intellectual properties, new products, processes and methods through patent and trademark application and registration.

With a solid commitment in biotechnological research & development, Gnosis is able to develop innovative active ingredients that can be made specific to customer and market needs. The Gnosis European manufacturing network of cGMP approved facilities is dedicated to high quality and proprietary products for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications that measurably benefit the consumer.

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