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Quatrefolic® Fine Powder

Quatrefolic® Fine powder is the opportunity to formulators and customers to expand their product range. Thanks to the fine and tightly distributed particle size allows the production of liquid oily forms for oral administration and guaranteed uniformity of content and stability. Great opportunity for oral/nasal spray, oral drops and complex softgel formulations.

Quatrefolic® 360° - active folate and Mood

Worldwide, an estimated 264 million people are affected by depression. As the need grows, the search for a meaningful response and solution is among the top priorities in the supplementation health trend. How can active folate could be the answer to support mood health ? Download the Quatrefolic® 360° to know more about the subject.

Quatrefolic® 360° - Folate and Cardiovascular health

In 2019, the World Health Organization estimated that one third of global deaths were caused by cardiovascular events. Heart health has become one of the top five concerns of supplement consumers, second only to general health. Know more about this subject.

FOLATE vs. 5-MTHF Calcium Salt

After highlighting the notable differences between folic acid and the active form of folate, Quatrefolic® returns with a second infographic comparing the characteristics of the two forms of active folate Calcium salt and Glucosamine salt.

Folate and One-Carbon Metabolism Conference: The Report

The annual conference of One carbon metabolism, B vitamins and Homocysteine, recently held in Poland, not only highlighted the latest scientific updates on the topics, it also pointed out how it is important to translate reported advances in basic science into clinical applications. Check out our report!
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